SNF Nostos



Goldie Hawn: A framework for helping kids cultivate the mental fitness necessary to thrive in school and throughout their lives

Thursday June 22, 16:40, Alternative Stage GNO


In this session, Nia Vardalos welcomed to the stage Goldie Hawn, founder of MindUP/the Goldie Hawn Foundation, which focuses on promoting children's mental resilience in all aspects of their lives. Hawn shared her personal journey, starting from her own mental health difficulties during her school years to navigating the challenges of her glamorous professional career. These experiences, combined with her quest for self-discovery, motivated her to create MindUP—a program dedicated to helping children discover happiness by educating them about their brains and promoting brain fitness. Ms. Hawn discussed the inception of the MindUP program, starting from the research stage to its implementation in schools. She emphasized the importance of addressing the mental health needs of children and young people, urging society not to turn a blind eye to their struggles and advocating for preventative care. She highlighted the significance of incorporating "brain breaks" into the school day, recognizing the essential role of mindfulness, cognition, and neuroscience knowledge in fostering well-being. The session shed light on the transformative impact of the MindUP program in promoting children's mental well-being. By providing education on the brain, fostering mindfulness, and embracing the principles of neuroscience, the program aims to empower children with the tools to navigate their emotions, enhance their resilience, and cultivate happiness. Goldie Hawn's personal experiences and her dedication to mental health advocacy serve as a powerful inspiration for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for children's mental well-being.

Introduction by Nia Vardalos