SNF Nostos



The mental health revolution: A two-part keynote to catalyze a global movement

Thursday June 22, 13:50, Alternative Stage GNO

Dr. Daniel Castro takes us on a journey looking at revolutionary changes humanity has initiated throughout the centuries. From the discovery of how the earth rotates around the sun in 1543 to the modern AI revolution, humans have uncovered fundamental phenomena that have helped us understand how the world works and how we are all interconnected. In a society where technology has opened doors to hyperconnectivity, Dr. Castro highlights the downsides of this constant stimulation. To deeply understand how individuals who have not been exposed to society’s modern developments live, Dr. Castro traveled to the Himalayas to meet some of the most secluded people in the world. In this experience, he learned about an ancient philosophy that inspired him to combine ancient and modern wisdom to form the Contentment Foundation.