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Talk, Parallel sessions

Sensing the mind: The opportunities and challenges of wearable sensors for mental health

Thursday June 22, 15:15, Lobby NLG



A session dedicated to wearable sensors for mental health delved into the vast opportunities and challenges associated with these innovative technologies. Of particular interest were color-changing clothes capable of detecting temperature fluctuations, offering a multitude of functionalities. These sensors have the ability to detect exercise-induced sweat, monitor water intake, and provide valuable medical insights, including the early detection of breast cancer. 

Fiorenzo Omenetto highlighted the significance of hormones and proteins in this context. He emphasized the ability to sense the human estrogen receptor, one of the hormones associated with breast cancer, through a specialized bra. The early warning signs provided by such a sensing bra could revolutionize breast cancer detection. 

Moreover, Omenetto underscored the immense potential of wearable sensors in the realm of mental health. By integrating sensors and proteins, researchers gain access to a wide array of variables present in various biofluids. This expanded access to previously unmonitored variables holds great promise for advancing mental health monitoring and diagnosis. 

The session on wearable sensors for mental health offered a comprehensive exploration of the possibilities presented by these groundbreaking technologies. The discussions surrounding color-changing clothes and their functionalities, including the detection of exercise-induced sweat and the early diagnosis of breast cancer, were particularly intriguing. Fiorenzo Omenetto's insights on the importance of hormones and the access to previously unmonitored variables further emphasized the transformative potential of wearable sensors in mental health research and care. The talk looked ahead to future advancements in this rapidly evolving field, igniting hope for improved monitoring, early intervention, and personalized treatments for mental health conditions.