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Talk, Parallel sessions

Loneliness in Tel Aviv: Cracking the innovation code

Friday June 23, 14:40, Alternative Stage GNO


In order to break the urban innovation code in cities, certain changes must be implemented. Social disconnection is comparable in negative health effects to smoking daily. To combat loneliness and its detrimental effects, Tel Aviv has introduced two innovative tools: Social Bonds and Public Pockets of Wellbeing. The Tel Aviv Foundation, a city foundation dedicated to promoting pluralism, equality, and opportunity in Tel Aviv-Yafo, has been actively involved in this endeavor. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Social Services and Public Health Department specifically aims to alleviate loneliness across all age groups. Loneliness is known to increase the risk of anxiety, depression, and dementia while simultaneously reducing productivity and performance. To tackle this global issue, they have developed and tested tools to combat the loneliness pandemic. Additionally, it is crucial that public spaces are designed with a human-centric approach, recognizing their significance as fundamental human needs. In conclusion, by fostering social bonds and creating public spaces that prioritize human well-being, we can make significant strides in reducing loneliness on a global scale.