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Tasha Golden

Director of Research, International Arts + Mind Lab, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Tasha Golden, PhD is an international speaker, health scientist, songwriter, and Director of Research at the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Holding a PhD in Public Health Sciences, Dr. Golden has published extensively on the health impacts of creativity and the arts for individuals, institutions, and communities. Golden has served as an advisor on several national and international health initiatives and is adjunct faculty at the University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine. She recently led the pilot evaluation of ‘CultureRx’: the first arts-on-prescription model in the U.S.

Golden is also a career artist. As singer-songwriter for the critically-acclaimed band Ellery, she toured full-time for many years, and her songs appear in film and TV (ABC, SHOWTIME, FOX, NETFLIX, etc). She is an author (Humanist Press) and founder of Project Uncaged: a trauma-informed creative writing program for incarcerated girls that amplifies youth voices in justice reform. Bridging the arts and health worlds, Golden draws on her unique background to help businesses, creatives, educators, and leaders of all kinds enhance and reimagine their work.