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Alan Stoga

Tällberg Foundation
Alan Stoga is a strategist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in communications, public relations, corporate consulting, digital media, geopolitics, economics, banking and government.

Currently, he serves as executive chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, as well as president of Zemi Communications, L.L.C. The Tällberg Foundation, domiciled in Sweden and operating globally, explores the issues that are challenging and changing our societies, with the goal of stimulating new thinking and discovering new solutions. Zemi is a New York based firm that provides geopolitical and business intelligence information and counsel to global corporations.

Previously, Mr. Stoga was senior adviser to and managing director of Kissinger Associates; founded a strategic communications company and a private equity firm; was a member of the board of Alliance Capital’s international mutual fund complex; served as chief economist for the Bipartisan National Commission on Central America, created by President Reagan; established the country risk management activities for the First National Bank of Chicago; and served as an international economist in the U.S. Treasury.

Mr. Stoga is chairman of the board of the Tinker Foundation, which supports activities in Latin America aimed at improving democratic governance, sustainable resource management and education. He has economics and international relations degrees from Michigan State and Yale University, respectively.