SNF Nostos


SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee

The SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee was first created in 2022 to help foster open, creative, and dynamic dialogue with and for young people. After an unprecedented level of participation by young people in the SNF Nostos Conference discussions last year, we are delighted that it will again be an integral part of the event, which focuses this year on looking at mental health from every angle.

Eleven young people with different backgrounds and perspectives, from different countries—Greece, the United States, India, Italy/Cameroon, Kenya, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Peru—have been with us and the nonprofit journalism organization iMEdD from the very first discussions in preparation for the SNF Nostos Conference. Many of their ideas, as well as their personal and collective perspectives, have been incorporated into the program—we won’t say any more to keep what’s coming a surprise—of the SNF Nostos Conference.

In addition to their role in planning the event, the members of the SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee will also be actively involved in the Conference. Rather than present what we think young people might have to say on mental health, we want to hear their thoughts directly from them, open, free, and unfiltered.

The member of the SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee are:

Maria Andrikopoulou, Greece

Yiming Bai, Hong Kong

Giannis Vassilopoulos, Greece

Rusha Chatterjee, India

Constantine Dracopoulos, Greece - USA

Joy Ju Fan, USA

Thibeaux Hirsh, USA

Camila Huidobro, Peru

Gerald Mballe, Italy-Cameroon

Mary-Ann Nobele, South Africa

Beatrice Nyamwenge Okech, Kenya