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Carol Gluck

George Sansom Professor of History, Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures
Columbia University

A prize-winning historian, Carol Gluck’s most recent books in Japanese are Rekishi de kangaeru [Thinking with the Past], new edition (Iwanami shoten, 2019) and Sensō no kioku [World War II in Public Memory] (Kodansha, 2019) and in English, Words in Motion: Toward a Global Lexicon, coedited with Anna Tsing (Duke University Press, 2009). Thinking with the Past: Modern Japan and History, will be published by the University of California Press, and Past Obsessions: World War II in History and Memory is forthcoming from Columbia University Press.

Professor Gluck was the Cleveringa Professor for 2014-15 at Leiden University; Visiting Professor at the University of Oslo in 2016 and at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2017. She lectures widely, writes for the Japanese press, and is a founding member and now chair of Columbia’s Committee on Global Thought.